[W. V, 8]. Sonata for violin and bass in E-flat major [Autograph musical manuscript]. Giovanni Battista VIOTTI.

[W. V, 8]. Sonata for violin and bass in E-flat major [Autograph musical manuscript]

From the Six sonates à violon seul et basse, 2me. livre

ca. 1782.

Small folio (ca. 30 x 23 cm). 4ff. Notated in ink on rastrum-drawn 16-stave laid paper. No date, no place, but almost certainly Paris, ca. 1782.

1r (title), 1v-2v (Allegro), [3r-4v presumed missing], 5r (Andante conclusion), 5r-6v (Rondeau Allegretto)

"Sonata" written at head of first page of music, and signed "J Viotti" in ink to top right corner.

Title page in a different hand: No 2.e | D G[?] Le Jeune | Original Composé Par Viotti | &[?] écris De Sa main

The manuscript consists of the first two-thirds of the first movement (111 measures), the second half of the second movement (29 measures), and the complete third movement (213 measures). It is presumed that there once existed a center folio containing the conclusion of the first movement and beginning of the second. Numerous deletions and corrections in the composer's hand as well as overpaste corrections to a total of 16 measures.

Likely used by Imbault to prepare the first edition (1792). A few light ink stains consistent with use by a printer.

The present autograph is undocumented. White V:8, p. 116. Giazotto 36, p. 308.

A highly distinguished Italian violinist and composer, Viotti is regarded as "the most influential violinist between Tartini and Paganini and the last great representative of the Italian tradition stemming from Corelli. He is considered the founder of the ‘modern’ (19th-century) French school of violin playing, and his compositions, among the finest examples of Classical violin music, exerted a strong influence on 19th-century violin style." Chappell White in Grove Music Online.

Few of Viotti's manuscripts are extant, and they are very rare to market.

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