Fine half-length portrait engraving of the composer aged 63. Adam GUMPELZHAIMER.

Fine half-length portrait engraving of the composer aged 63

[ca. 1622].

143 x 97 mm. + wide margins.

Slightly worn; edges browned. In very good condition overall.

Possibly after the same painting on which the woodcut portrait in his Compendium Musicae of 1632 is based.

Gumpelzhaimer spent most of his active life in Augsburg, where he was Kantor and Präzeptor at the school and church of St. Anna from 1581 until his death. "Gumpelzhaimer was probably best known to German musicians of and after his time through his Compendium musicae... The richness of musical activity of St Anna is indicated not only by Gumpelzhaimer’s music but also by the extensive holdings of the church library during his 44 years there. A handwritten inventory was started by Gumpelzhaimer in 1620 and continued by Faust in 1625. This list includes, in addition to many printed collections, several large manuscript books of polyphonic music in score notation. Two of these books have survived, one begun in 1599 and the other completed in 1624. They were copied out mostly by Gumpelzhaimer and contain compositions by many prominent musicians of the time." William E. Hettrick in Grove Music Online.

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