Autograph letter signed. Ernest BLOCH.

Autograph letter signed

2 pp. on both sides of a card, 89 x 138 mm. To Mrs. Ehrman. Dated November 6, 1928.

"I am enjoying this wonderful 'Baumkuchen' three times: on its own merit and because it was carrying the welcome home of such a charming person. I will certainly be glad to let you initiate me to a game which seems so fascinating (provided you are not the one to be 'murdered'!) and I hope it can be soon. For the present, I have not yet unpacked my things, nor even myself!! With kindest regards to your husband and to yourself."

Written during the years of Bloch's directorship at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (1925-1930).

An American composer and teacher of Swiss origin, "Bloch attracted many distinguished students (among them Sessions, Douglas Moore, Rogers, Chanler, Frederick Jacobi, Porter and Elwell), whom he taught to develop and create according to their individual temperaments and talents, an approach he adopted from his teacher, Knorr. He neither founded any school nor blazed new trails; he moulded into a distinctive style the ingredients he found already in use, including aspects of atonality and 12-note themes ... In his best work, the expression of his firm faith in the spirituality of mankind always shows through. Bloch was, and continues to be, a singular figure in the music of the 20th century." David Z. Kushner in Grove Music Online.

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