Item #25498 Autograph musical quotation boldly signed in full and notated in blue ink. Jakov GOTOVAC.

Autograph musical quotation boldly signed in full and notated in blue ink

On blue cardstock, ca. 89 x 115 mm. With a bust-length reproduction photograph of the Croatian composer laid down to lower right corner.

Four measures from the beginning of Gotovac's comic opera Ero the Joker (Ero s onoga svijeta). Notated in treble clef on one staff. In 2/4 time with a key signature of three sharps. With autograph titling in English.

Slightly worn and creased; remnants of adhesive to verso.

Ero the Joker was first performed in Zagreb on November 2, 1935.

"Gotovac wrote his most important works in the period between the two world wars; he was one of the representatives of the so-called national style, using characteristic elements of folk music in his own idiom and focussing on themes from peasant life. His first major achievements were the folk ritual Koleda (1925) and the Simfonijsko kolo (‘Symphonic Reel’, 1926), a popular orchestral work in which teeming rhythms converge on a powerful climax. In general his music is homophonic and simple in harmonic structure. After the romantic opera Morana, his most successful work is the comic opera Ero s onoga svijeta (‘Ero the Joker’), a model of folk banter worked into a structural whole within which he was able to express his own sense of comedy. Ero was performed in more than 80 European theatres, and was succeeded by other fine stage works." Krešimir Kovačević and Koraljka Kos in Grove Music Online.

Item #25498

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