[Caption title:] Atto Secondo Terzetto. Musical manuscript short score. Late 18th century. ANON.

[Caption title:] Atto Secondo Terzetto. Musical manuscript short score. Late 18th century

Oblong quarto (300 x 220 mm.). 21, [i] (blank) pp. Notated in ink on 10-stave paper. Note to the right of caption title: "Prima Donna Virginia"; note to beginning of music: "Rec:uo"; note to end of music: "Fine Dell'atto Secondo."

A scene in recitative and a terzetto. Recitative notated on two-stave systems: upper staff for all vocal parts, lower for instrumental bass (not figured). The recitative has five participants: Virginia, Icilio, Appio, Publio, and Lucio. Except for Lucio (tenor clef), all parts use soprano clef. Note at end of recitative: "Segue Terzetto." Terzetto notated on four-stave systems: Virginia (soprano), Icilio (soprano castrato), Lucio (tenor), and instrumental bass. In B-flat major.

Some soiling to edges; staining to upper edge of final leaves; first leaf partially detached; second leaf of outer bifolium, presumably blank, torn away; folio 6 creased at upper outer corner.

We have been unable to identify the opera from which this excerpt is taken. The characters - Virginia, Icilio, and Lucio and, in the recitative, also Publio and Appio - point to an opera on the ancient Roman story of Virginia (also spelled Verginia) as told by Livy in Ab Urbe Condita. The eighteenth century produced quite a few operas on that subject. In the early decades, Silvio Stampiglia's libretto La caduta dei Decemviri was set by several composers (first by Alessandro Scarlatti, 1697), but the present manuscript uses a different libretto. Between 1785 and 1798, operas entitled "Virginia" by Angelo Tarchi, Gioacchino Albertini, Gaetano Andreozzi, Felice Alessandri, and Vincenzo Federici emerged, to various libretti. In addition, there is an opera Icilio e Virginia by Ferdinando Paer (1793).

The present manuscript omits all instrumental parts except the bass line. It was thus most probably either a director's score for the keyboard player or, more likely, an aid for the singer(s) in the learning of their parts; the note, "Prima Donna Virginia," could signify that the manuscript was written specifically for the singer cast in the role of Virginia. Item #26936

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