Five folksongs in French. Musical manuscript. Ca. 1840-50

Small folio (295 x 245 mm). One bifolium. Notated in black ink on 14-stave paper. No watermark.

First four songs notated on systems of two staves; fifth song: text only. Top stave (voice): G clef, key signature, time signature; bottom stave (?accompaniment): blank except for barlines.


No. 1. Title: "Chanson des Voyageurs Canadiens." Text incipit: "Mon Père n'avait Fille que moi encor m'envoit il Sur la Mer..." G major, 2/4 time. 11 measures.
No. 2. Text incipit: "Mon Père fait faire un Etang..." G major, common time. 12 measures.
No. 3. Text incipit: "Derrière chez mon Père vole mon cœur." F major, common time. 12 measures.
No. 4. Text incipit: "Der[r]ière chez mon Père il est un Bois." C major, 6/8 time. 11 measures (notation rhythmically incorrect).
No. 5. Text written between staves, with addition of music in mind (brace at beginning of first "system"). Text incipit: "Der[r]ière chez nous y c'est un Etang." In a different hand.

Occasional corrections in pencil, especially to no. 4.

Slightly soiled.

The sketchy notation suggests that these songs were not copied but, rather, jotted down from performance. The addition of an accompaniment was certainly intended.

The first song is French Canadian, the others French. They have been notated and published in many versions; the present version of no. 1, however, seems rather unusual. Item #27188

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