Natum vidimus. Musical manuscript. Late 18th century. Of unknown provenance, but in the Italian tradition

Oblong small folio. Sewn. 7, [i] (blank staves) pp. Signature of two bifolia; second leaf of inner bifolium excised and replaced with new single leaf glued to remnant of original leaf. Notated in black ink on ten-stave paper. Unpaginated. No watermarks. No ascription.

A composing manuscript. Five-stave systems (first 12 measures: two-stave systems; accompaniment only). Parts not identified but implied: three sopranos (each with separate text underlay) and piano. Piano staves marked with G and F clefs, key signature (F major), and time signature (6/8) at the outset; vocal staves unmarked (C1 clefs implied). Left hand staff primarily of piano, right hand staff partially blank. Other parts occasionally sketched on "incorrect" staves: untexted (probably instrumental) parts on Soprano 3 staff in introduction; texted (probably choral) parts on piano staves on p. 6. No double bar at the end, but vocal parts end on a held chord on the tonic after a perfect authentic cadence. Occasional corrections. Incomplete.

Some soiling; small scattered ink stains, one to p. 4 larger.

A setting of the third responsory at Matins for Christmas Day. We have been unable to trace further sources of this composition, possibly never completed. Item #27203

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