Collection of 12 dances, mostly waltzes. Musical manuscript. Ca. 1814-183[?]. ANON.

Collection of 12 dances, mostly waltzes. Musical manuscript. Ca. 1814-183[?]

Slightly varying narrow folio formats (ca. 350 x 210 mm). Sewn. Unpaginated. Notated in ink on 12-stave paper in two different hands. Seven bifolia. Watermarks: "HR"; "Pro Patria" (combining features of Heawood 3700, 3703, and 3713).

The present manuscript initially consisted of seven dances, each carefully notated in the hand of the same copyist to the inner pages of a bifolium, all in 3/4 time:

- Polonaise in C major
- Valz Liegeois in G major
- Valz in F major (no time signature but 3/4 implied)
- Valz Tirolien in D major
- Valz par L. [?]Sehin a Spa 1814 in G major
- Valz in C major
- Valz in F major. Manuscript copy at Universitätsbibliothek Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (collection Esl VIII 329; RISM ID no.: 450202152).

The blank outer pages of the first three bifolia were later notated with additional lwaltzes in a different, somewhat less careful hand. Some of these works are rather sketchy and contain a number of errors, suggesting that at least some may be autograph.

- Waltz in E-flat major, title "Matildhe" (twice). Manuscript copy at the University of Texas at Austin (Finney 43; RISM ID no. 000124183), ascribed to Paméla Fitz-Gerald (1831-?).
- Valz in G major (without time signature), 3/4 [end unclear]
- Valse in F major 3/4 (without time signature)
- Valz Mozart in B-flat major
- Frankford valz in C major.

First bifolium slightly stained. In very good condition overall.

The spelling "valz" is enigmatic; it is consistently used by the original copyist and also often by the later scribe. As the spelling seems to be incorrect in any language, it does not help to identify the provenance of the present collection. Any other literals in the music beyond "da capo al segno" (original copyist) are in French. "Solo Cors" in the "Valz" no. [6] seems to point to an orchestral model. One piece is associated with the city of Liège, another with the resort of Spa, in roughly the same area of Belgium. Item #27213

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