Jullien's Celebrated Valses a Deux Tems, 2nd. Set. Hermilie or the Bridal Waltz. Composed & Dedicated to Madame H. Serre... Price 4/

London: Jullien, [1845-1848]. Folio, 347 x 248 mm. Hand-coloured lithograph by J. Brandard depicting a couple in dance pose, the lady wearing a bridal dress with roses in her hair, the gentleman in evening dress, their arms around each other's waist and their free hands joined, all within an arched border of white roses with green leaves. 1f. (recto title, verso blank), [1] (blank), 2-17, [i] (blank) pp. Signed by the artist in the stone

Small composer's facsimile signature stamp and price annotation in ink to lower outer corner of title.

Slightly worn and browned; spine reinforced with tape and strengthened on verso; verso of title reinforced all along inner margin and at center of outer margin.

Possibly based on Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

John Brandard (1812-1863), an English lithographic artist, was a master of the illustrated sheet music cover, designing hundreds of title pages, primarily for ballets and operas.

Jullien was a French composer, conductor, and music publisher. "Considered something of a child prodigy by his violinist-bandmaster father Antonio, Jullien served in the army before entering the Paris Conservatoire in 1833 or 1831. He left in 1836, preferring dance music over counterpoint. For the next three years, Jullien’s lively entertainments of dance music at the Jardin Turc brought rapid popularity, rivalling Musard’s, and three duels brought notoriety. He left Paris for England in 1838... In the democratization of music and the establishment of the early promenade concert, Jullien’s role was significant... Davison... was a supporter and personal friend: ‘M. Jullien’, he wrote in the Musical World, ‘was undoubtedly the first who directed the attention of the multitude to the classical composers … [he] broke down the barriers and let in the “crowd”.’ " Keith Horner in Grove Music Online. Item #29778

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