"AB The Charmers of the Age." Etching by Richard Livesay after William Hogarth. BALLET - 19th Century.

"AB The Charmers of the Age." Etching by Richard Livesay after William Hogarth.

[London]: [ca. 1782]. 170 x 242 mm. Signed in the plate with initals "W.H." at lower right.

The dancers La Barberini (Barbara Campanini 1721-1799) and [Philip] Denoyer (fl. ca. 1720-1730) performing on stage with an audience on either side with statues of Tragedy and Comedy holding candles flanking the stage. The sun shines down from above the elevated couple, Barberini in a split jump and Denoyer with legs together and feet turned out. Dotted lines show the height of their elevation with a scale in feet below.

Slightly worn; browned and frayed at edges; two vertical creases.

?Fourth state. Scarce. The first state (1782, British Museum no. 1858, 0417.569), has "C.C. Prickt lines shewing the rising Height" printed at foot. In the present version, this line reads "The dotted lines shew. the rising Height;" in addition, there is no face to the sun.

"[The present print] was intended to ridicule Mons. Desnoyer[!] and Signora Barberini, the two best dancers that ever appeared in London. This Plate exhibits the internal prospects of a Theatre. The openings between the side scenes are crowded with applauding spectators. The two performers are capering very high... The whole is but a hasty outline, executed, however, with spirit, and bitten uncommonly deep by the aqua-fortis. I ascribe it to Hogarth without hesitation. Of this Print there is a copy by Livesay." Nichols and Steevens: The Genuine Works of William Hogarth (London, 1810), pp. 156-157. Item #29880

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