Autograph musical manuscript signed in full and dated September 17, 1858, Königsberg. Louis KÖHLER.

Autograph musical manuscript signed in full and dated September 17, 1858, Königsberg.


1 page (265 x 205 mm). Carefully notated in dark brown ink on pre-printed 8-stave paper with "Aus dem Album von Carl Gurckhaus" printed at foot within decorative blue border with floral motif.

42 measures for piano marked "à la mazurka" at head and inscribed at top "für C. Gurckhaus von Louis Köhler Königsberg 17/9. 58." and at left "In Erinnerung an ---- Ihn." ( In memory of ...him.) Quite likely referring to Frédéric Chopin.
The manuscript is would appear to be complete.

Very slightly worn and creased. In very good condition overall.

We have been unable to locate a published edition of this work.

German musician Louis Köhler settled in Königsberg in 1845 where he had a varied and successful career as a pianist, composer, writer, and pedagogue. He became known as a leading writer on music through his contributions to a number of leading publications, including the Hartungsche Zeitung, Signale, and Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, and his first book, Die Melodie der Sprache (1853).

"Köhler remained influential throughout his career in the area of piano pedagogy: he published collections of graded instructional pieces and books of exercises, published new editions of the works of Classical and Romantic composers, wrote widely disseminated books (under Liszt's influence) about piano pedagogy (most notably the Systematische Lehrmethode of 1857–8), and taught a great number of pupils, some of whom became prominent musicians, including Adolf Jensen and Hermann Goetz." James Deaville in Grove Music Online.

Carl Gurckhaus (1821-1884) assumed leadership of the music publishing firm of Kistner in Leipzig, a major publisher of Schumann, Liszt, and Joachim, among others, following the death of Karl Friedrich Kistner in 1845; going on to purchase the business in 1866. He was a noted collector of musical autographs.

An attractive and scarce example.

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