Sweet Talk. Toni Morrison Songs. For mezzo-soprano, cello, double bass, and piano. Autograph musical manuscript sketches. 1995-1996. With text by Nobel prize-winning American novelist Toni Morrison (1931-2019. Dedicated to Jessye Norman (1945-2019).

Oblong folio. In original Archives "18 Stave Orchestral Score Book SB18S64" spiral-bound wrappers. 43 pp. Notated in pencil on 18-stave paper. With titling and "Danielpour / Sweet Talk" in pencil in the composer's autograph to upper wrapper.

In condensed score with occasional simple melodic sections.

Wrappers very slightly worn.

A vibrant working manuscript.

Sweet Talk was commissioned by Princeton University as part of their spring 1996 Atelier Program, a yearly program created by Toni Morrison. Work on the cycle began in November 1995 with “I am not Prey” and “Faith,” which were completed in January 1996. “Perfect Ease” and “Bliss” were composed in June and July respectively of the same year, and the final score was completed by September."

"Sweet Talk is intimately associated with a fiction project Ms. Morrison has been working on for some time. One of the questions this work posed for her was, “What is the nature of Paradise? What in all of the Biblical, literary, and historical descriptions were the constant features?” It seemed to her that, other than eternity, there were four: Bounty, Safety, Faith, and Bliss. The lyrics of each song are an attempt to evoke both the meaning of and the passion in our desire for Paradise."

"The work is clearly a cycle of four somewhat interdependent movements; there is an attacca between movements I and II. And also between III and IV. The moods that are evoked are, however, quite different from one another, as are the texts to which the music is set."

"The work is dedicated to Jessye Norman. - Richard Danielpour

Grammy-Award winning Richard Danielpour "is an outstanding composer for any time, one who knows how to communicate deep, important emotions through simple, direct means that nevertheless do not compromise." New York Daily News. A distinctive American voice, his music is of large and romantic gestures, brilliantly orchestrated, intensely expressive, and rhythmically vibrant." phytheasmusic.org

"Richard Danielpour… has become one of the most sought-after composers of his generation - a composer whose distinctive American voice is part of a rich neo-Romantic heritage with influences from pivotal composers like Britten, Copland, Bernstein, and Barber. His works are solidly rooted in the soil of tradition, yet [sing] with an optimistic voice for today… [They] speak to the heart as well as the mind." schirmer.com

"Like many American composers of his generation, Danielpour has largely divorced himself from serial techniques, which were important to early works such as the First String Quartet (1983). With First Light (1988), he found a new, distinctly American voice. He is best known for his orchestral and chamber music, including vocal works in both genres. Although he is often described as a neo-romantic, his musical language is broadly based and widely varied... In his vocal works, which display pristine idiomatic writing, he has collaborated increasingly with living poets. Many of his instrumental works are given evocative titles that refer to extra-musical sources." Laurie Shulman in Grove Music Online. Item #31608

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