Item #39095 Receipt on vellum signed and dated 1665. Sir George ca. 1625-ca. 1684 DOWNING.

Receipt on vellum signed and dated 1665

Document on vellum, ca. 332 x 53 mm. Signed “G. Downing, October 1665” as Teller of Receipts for the Exchequer . Overall size 141 x 411 mm. Laid down to light gray linen mat. Framed in dark brown wood and glazed.

Downing, an Anglo-Irish statesman, soldier, diplomat, spymaster, and preacher, was one of nine students in the first graduating class at Harvard. Downing Street in London is named after him, as are two streets in New York, one in Greenwich Village and one in Brooklyn.

“More than any other man he was responsible for arranging the acquisition of New York from the Dutch.” Wikipedia.

Item #39095

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