Item #39182 Album leaf with autograph signature. John McCORMACK.

Album leaf with autograph signature

Inscribed in black ink "Yours very sincerely John McCormack, Jany. 1919." 140 x 200 mm.

A hugely popular Irish tenor, "... partly because of his Irish nationalism (which for a time made him unpopular in England), [McCormack] spent his time mainly in the USA, and in 1917 became an American citizen. His concert work revealed him as a remarkable interpreter, not only of Handel, Mozart and the Italian classics, but also of German lieder. The preponderance in his programmes of sentimental and popular ballads alienated many musical people as much as it pleased the wider public; but, whatever the song, he never debased his style. Meanwhile his repertory of serious music grew continually ... McCormack’s numerous recordings show the singular sweetness of his tone and perfection of his style and technique in his prime." Desmond Shawe-Taylor in Grove Music Online.

Item #39182

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