Item #39477 Fine mezzotint portrait engraving by James McArdell after the painting by Thomas Jenkins. Francesco GEMINIANI.
[GEMINIANI, Francesco 1687-1762]

Fine mezzotint portrait engraving by James McArdell after the painting by Thomas Jenkins

[London]: J. Oswald, ca. 1730-40.

Geminiani is depicted seated at a circular table, wearing a wig, long coat, and vest, turned to the right, holding a sheet of music manuscript in his left hand and a quill pen in his right; another quill pen with an ink well are depicted on the table in front of the composer.

With text: "Thos. Jenkins Pinxit. Jas. McArdell Fecit. Mr. Geminiani. Sold by J. Oswald at his Musick Shop in St. Martins Church Yard" printed below the image, within the plate, and "Price 2" very faintly printed at lower right corner. The original painting is in the collection of the Earl of Wemyss. Highfill et al. A Biographical Dictionary, Vol. 6, p. 135. Dimensions to plate mark 354 x 252 mm. plus 10 mm. margins.

The actual music manuscript that Geminiani holds is only visible at the upper right hand corner and indicates that the music is written on one side of the leaf only, the side visible to the audience being blank.

An early impression. Goodwin 1903 / British Mezzotinters: James McArdell (164.I). Chaloner Smith 1883 / British Mezzotinto portraits from the introduction of the art to the early part of the present century (82.I). Russell 1926 / English Mezzotint Portraits and their states: Catalogue of Corrections of and Additions to Chaloner Smith's "British Mezzotinto Portraits" (82.II). C.P.E. Bach Portrait Collection I, p. 85, II no. 101. British Museum No. 2010,7081.2750.

James McArdell (1729-1765) was a prominent Irish engraver of mezzotints. Thomas Jenkins (1722-1798) was an English painter, art dealer, antiquary, and banker; he studied in London under Hudson and was active in Rome after 1753 and subsequently in Rome until shortly before his death.

Geminiani was an Italian composer, violinist, and theorist. "His contemporaries in England considered him the equal of Handel and Corelli, but except for the concerti grossi op. 3, a few sonatas and the violin treatise, little of his musical and theoretical output is known today. He was, nevertheless, one of the greatest violinists of his time, an original if not a prolific composer and an important theorist." Enrico Careri in Grove Music Online.

Item #39477

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