Item #39667 Autograph signature of the son of Alessandro Scarlatti. Pietro Filippo SCARLATTI.

Autograph signature of the son of Alessandro Scarlatti

In dark brown ink on a small slip of paper, 13 x 69 mm, laid down to light stock, 60 x 117 mm.

From 1705 to 1708 [Pietro Scarlatti] was maestro di cappella at Urbino Cathedral, a position he left when his father summoned him to Naples in the expectation that he would succeed Cristoforo Caresana as first organist of the royal chapel ,.. Scarlatti had ... to wait until 1712 to succeed Giuseppe Vignola as one of the royal chapel’s organists. Not until 1728 did he receive his first commission for an opera, Clitarco – probably the only one he wrote."

Pietro's father Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725) is considered the founder of the Neapolitan school of 18th century opera.

Much of Pietro Scarlatti's music is lost.

Item #39667

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