Item #39678 Autograph musical quotation from Country Gardens, signed in full. Percy GRAINGER.

Autograph musical quotation from Country Gardens, signed in full

2 measures of a melodic line from the composer's setting of the English folk song. Notated in pencil on an ivory legal-sized envelope and inscribed "Yours cordially Percy Grainger."

Slightly browned and creased.

"Best known for his settings of British folk music, [Grainger] was also an innovative composer of original works and ‘free music’, and an accomplished performer.

[He] influenced the concept, rather than the specific style, of a distinctively Australian music. His vision, analogous to the monotonous national landscape and true to the country's Asian-Pacific location, was particularly refreshing to the generation of Australian composers which emerged in the 1960s. His consummate skill in setting folk music influenced succeeding generations of British composers, including Britten, who recognized Grainger as his ‘master' in this regard. Grainger's innovations in scoring and instrumental balance have a vibrant legacy in American band music written after 1940. His attempts at ‘free music' did not exert a profound influence over other composers, at least not directly, as they were quickly overtaken by the massive technological advances that occurred in electronic sound synthesis during the 1950s and 60s.

As a performer, Grainger stands as one of the 20th century's more colourful exponents of ‘muscular' piano playing, and is most distinctive for his stark differentiation of ‘tone strengths' and subtleties of pedalling. His educational legacy has been more enduring. Although he did not found a distinctive school of performance or beget particularly famous students, his impact was keenly felt by the many American high-school, summer-school and college students with whom he shared his music over a 40-year period." Michael Gillies and David Pear in Grove Music Online.

Item #39678

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